About me

For the last 20 or so years, I have researched Software Quality for a living. Many a times, I share whatever I learn. If you like to attend a talk or a training, please connect with me. 


I maintain this blog for two reasons

  1. I like learning new tools and techniques, and writing up my findings is a really good way to make sure I fully understand them and have notes for when I need to come back to them in the future.
  2. The second reason I write it is to share all the cool stuff I find with anyone else who is interested.

A humble request

Please respect intellectual property rights. I will try to give the most accurate attributions for material that I quote or use here.

If you see anything here, words or images, which you do not think is properly attributed and credited, please let me know as soon as possible so that I can correct that.

This site is not sponsored, nor does it force you to suffer advertising or commercial overhead. I do not seek donations, but welcome your spreading ‘likes’ and appreciation. Where you think that I am wrong, or wish to discuss any points, please feel free. But always remain as polite with me (and others) as I am with you, and please do not try to subvert this blog as a platform for bigotry. We are all humans, friends and colleagues in lives which are quite stressful and challenging enough without making it any more unpleasant.