How to update Burp Suite in Kali Linux

Kali Linux does not use the BurpSuite installer, rather it uses the Burp Suite JAR file.

The JAR file is kept in the /usr/bin folder.  



Click on Download the latest version.

Ensure, you select JAR and click Download

Save the file to your Downloads folder



Navigate to /usr/bin 

cd /usr/bin

Rename burp suite to old

sudo mv burpsuite burpsuite_old

Copy the last burp suite jar file to /usr/bin

sudo cp /root/Downloads/burpsuite_community_*.jar /usr/bin/

Rename the new jar to burpsuite

sudo mv burpsuite_community_*.jar burpsuite

Give permissions to execute the file as program

sudo chmod +x burpsuite

Delete the old BurpSuite File

sudo rm burp suite_old

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