Updating and upgrading Kali Linux


Offensive Security keeps on updating and releasing Weekly builds of Kali. In my opinion, one should always keep on updating their environment as frequently as possible. This short tutorial will assist us in updating Kali.


Step 1 – Login to Kali as root user. The default user id is root and the password is toor

Step 2 – Open a terminal

Step 3 – Run the apt-get update command. This will download the updated list of packages(applications and tools) which are available

 apt-get update

Step 4 – Run the apt-get upgrade command. This will update the non system packages to their latest stable version. 

 apt-get upgrade

Step 5 – Run the apt-get dist-upgrade command. This will upgrade our system. 

 apt-get dist-upgrade


Now, we have the installed Kali Linux up to date and ready to use. 


If we want to uninstalled packages which are no longer used, then run the following command

 apt autoremove

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